The Awesomeness of the Star Wars Blank Variant

It is no secret that I am a big fan of the current series of Star Wars Comics. Last years Star Wars #1 has supposedly over 100 variant covers, and over the course of the last year or so, I have managed to get my hands on over 70 of these covers. I’ve secured the super common, to the super rare covers including; the infamous blank variant.

An early shot of Jamie's Star
An early shot of Jamie’s Star Wars #1 Variant collection

When it comes to Star Wars Art, the cover art, has been outstanding. Star Wars comic fans are lucky to have artists from across the comic world ink their own style on characters and situations from that galaxy far, far away.

With every new title release these days you’ll find a ‘Blank’ Comic variant, and this is where the flair of Star Wars creativity really shows.

‘Blank’ variants were originally con exclusives and would be used as a canvas for attending artists to doodle and sign, resulting in a bespoke, most likely personalised comic cover from your favourite artist. In recent times, and somewhat thanks to the evolution of the internet, even smaller – but by no means less talented – artists have the ability to showcase the blank variants they have designed.

From the simplest of ideas to the most outrageous, from straight Star Wars representation to incredible crossovers between fandoms and worlds, artists worldwide have created bespoke one off covers. Here are some of our favourites.

The Variants

Boba Fett, Double cover painted on Star Wars #1 – By Tim Dowler.

Bobab Fett

This Dudes art is incredible! The cover is created using heavy based Black Acrylic’s, the dark background really makes Boba pop off this cover, the back features Boba’s insignia, the art is signed in gold pen and then sprayed with fixative art spray for protection, not a single stone was left un turned on this cover.

You can see loads more here on his Photobucket account or on his official website.
Tim is also on Twitter – @TimDowlerArt

Chewie & Han – We’re Home – by Rodney Fyke – Star Wars #1

Chewie we're home

ArtistRodney Fyke has captured potentially the most iconic moment to come from 2015’s Star War: The Force Awakens. After seeing this cover, I bet the first thing that hit your mind was ‘Chewie, We’re home’. If I am correct, this is testament to how well this cover is drawn. That alone is why it has made out list today!

You can see loads more from Rodney Fkye on his Twitter here: @rodneyfyke

Vader and Padmé – Darth Vader #1 – Scott Zambelli


Right on the heart strings. The entire saga is summed up in this incredible cover by Scott Zambelli, The fall of the chosen that couldn’t even be saved by the one he was trying to save. So much sadness and power is in this single image, Vader’s unmatched power vs the power of a queen and Senate, tyranny vs democracy. This very simple cover, has all the emotions. The position of Vader’s head even suggests regret, or remorse.

Check out more of Scotts Art here:
Scott is also on Twitter here: @theartofscott

The White Walkers on Hoth – Garrett Blair


One area where artists can get very creative is by taking another fandom and putting a Star Wars twist on it. Crossover result can be amazing, awful and at times, just strange. Personally, I am not a fan of crossovers, but I did however love this Star Wars / Game of Thrones cover but Garrett Blair.

Have a look at more of Garretts work here
ou’ll also find Garrett on Twitter

Goofy as IG-88 – Rodney Fyke


This cover very close to taking crossovers a step too far. It is hard not to like the colour and detail in this piece (not to mention the humour of Goofy as a bounty hunter). Goofy is one of my all time favourite Disney characters, so this just about makes the list of acceptability.

Controversial Batgirl #41 – Star Wars version – Scott Zambelli


Without doubt. This is by far the best piece of art I’ve ever seen on a Star Wars blank Variant. Taking inspiration from the controversial Batgirl #41 variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque which was pulled (Click here for that story). I am not even a massive Batman fan, I just absolutely love everything about this original piece, and have been searching for an artist to do the same thing for me on one of my blank variants – any takers?

Have you any incredible variant artwork to share with us? we would love to add to this list. Send it to us on Twitter or Facebook

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