Star Wars: Rogue One – Force Friday Details

Hop in here for the latest details on Force Friday 2016

Possibly not surprising, but it’s official! Star Wars Rogue one Will get its own Force Friday event!

It was confirmed at New York Toy Fair that the second annual Force Friday event will take place on September 30th 2016! Time to start putting those pennies away. Last September Disney launched a colossal amount of merchandise for The Force Awakens on Force Friday, and we all know how that story ended.

Retailers will open their doors at 12am on September 30th to welcome Star Wars fans and introduce them to everything that Rogue One has to offer. Given the global success of Force Friday, it is not suprising that the annual event is back for another year. It is yet to be confirmed what the Irish plans are for Force Friday are, but based on last year, we can expect Disney & Smyths Toy Superstore to capitalise on the plan. We are awaiting confirmation, as I get it you will too!

We are excited to see what Disney have in store for us from the Rogue One story this September. We can expect the will continue the ‘Elite’ series line, which gave punters a really high quality figure for less than €25/$25.

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