Star Wars: Adventures In Wild Space (The Escape)

There has never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan. The emergence of new literature containing new worlds filled with lush scenery to barren desolate wastelands and new characters to further enhance our beloved universe. As previously discussed in our “World Book Day” article which you can read here. To my surprise and excitement there has been a release of new literature aimed at little Padawans who are beginning their journey to a Galaxy Far Far Away and perhaps those of us with our own little Padawans finding their way. Author Cavan Scott presents us with the first of three books in the “Adventures In Wild Space” series. The next three Mondays will consist of an overview of the new books including a look at characters and as small a spoiler free introduction as possible.


The Escape

In this story we follow The Starship “Whisper Bird” and its crew of Auric and Rhyssa Graf who are explorers and cartographers. They have spent the last 15 years exploring the uncharted territory of “Wild Space” just on the edge of the Galactic Rim, beyond the borders of imperial control. They are tasked with making highly detailed maps of the territories they explore. In a post Clone Wars timeframe, the Jedi Order is no more and Emperor Palatine casts a shadow on the galaxy ruling unopposed. Their mission is simple, explore and meticulously map out this remote swampy world. (It should be a breeze for explorers with 15 years experience, don’t you think?)

An Introduction To Our New Characters

Accompanying Auric and Graf on their exploration of “Wild Space” are their 2 children Milo and Lina. Nine year old Milo is every bit the explorer his parents are and in his personality we see a young man with no fear who longs for adventure, much to the dismay of his calculating rationale sister Lina. Milo despite his tender age appears to have developed a tendency to disappear and get up to all sorts of mischief, not that he is reckless or rebellious, he has an insatiable natural curiosity burning inside him. The personality clashes between these two is wonderful and reminiscent of the relationship between Han/Leia in that they work well together despite being almost polar opposites. Milo would gladly take a leap of faith without considering any consequences that may follow which contrasts with his sister Lina who appears very meticulous and analytical in her thinking. Lina comes across as someone who would have a plan A, B and C for all events.

Accompanying the two, much to their displeasure is CR-8R (Crater) who is the family droid and my favourite character. Crater had been a pet project of their mother Rhyssa, he was constructed from all sorts of individual parts from various droid models. His base had been a probe droid consisting of 4 manipulator arms and sat atop is his chrome head. His upper body was made of a medical droid waist welded to the torso of an astromech (A Jack of all trades one might say). Crater’s arms are even a mismatch; one being a shiny silver with interchangeable tool attachments instead of a hand while the other was from an obsolete DUM-series.

We meet Crater when it appears that our young hero’s are ignoring their parents orders to be tucked away before nightfall as a storm is brewing. Milo has gone missing on the swampy planet and when a call for help arrives over the comms “help come to the swamp” Lina follows on her landspeeder much to the protests of Crater. Typical of Milo to give little to no detail when he gets excited, the entire planet is two-thirds swamp. Crater is a droid with serious attitude, at first I thought of him, as being what Chopper from Rebels would be like if he had a mouth! But Mr Scott was kind enough to tell me that Crater’s character is based on a computer called Orac from Blake’s 7, further research confirmed this to be spot on! Crater has got serious attitude and sarcasm coming out of his exhaust ports ( if he has them that is). Nothing gets his processors in a twist more than being jumped on by Morq who is the family pet. Morq is a Kowakain Monkey-Lizard (Salacious Crumb to paint a picture) and the bane of his existence.

Salacious_Crumb_(DB)The Plot Thickens

Having found Milo we discover that he has been attempting to capture a large Sullustan-Ash Rabbit, which did not go down well with Lina or Crater considering a message of help usually points to imminent danger and not someone looking for assistance in catching a Rabbit! Milo being off on his little adventure is the beginning of a chain reaction that will test our young hero’s and introduce them to sights they never thought possible. What happens when two children are left alone in the wilderness without their parent’s support and guidance? Come to think of it… Where are their parents?

Help your little Padawans explore this strange new world and enjoy this wonderful little tale. Next week we take a look at “The Snare”.

Until Next Time,

May The Force Be With You.

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