Stop everything and go buy Poe Dameron #1 now.

The perfect re-introduction to the best pilot in the Resistance.

You need to pick up this comic.

If you take one line from this review let it be that.  

If you like fun, beautiful comics, with a cocksure cheeky lead and a spherical droid companion, this is the comic you’ve been looking for. Poe Dameron packs in an abundance of fan service that doesn’t feel forced. Through the 20 odd pages, we meet a whole host of familiar faces, in a story that finds every beat and hit your right in the familiar feels.



Right out of the gate, the pace of this comic is set. Poe and his buddy BB8 pilot the – now iconic – Black T-70 X-Wing through a labyrinth cave, and narrowly escape as it begins to collapse. Luck we have come to expect from the best pilot in the Resistance.

We flashback to a conversation between General Leia Organa and Dameron.  Dameron is being sent on a Top Secret Mission to find a man by the name of Lor San Tekka – see where we’re headed? . The formation of Black Squadron is visualised and we’re off to a subterranean community; the last known location of of Lor San Tekka. Things obviously go pear shaped, we get explosions, caves begin to crumble and of course Poe gets shot at by the locals!  

Poe realises there is a tracker on his ship…. Enter The First Order!


The Look

The maestro behind the artwork will be very familiar to fans of Star Wars literature. Phil Noto has provided covers for nearly every #1 in the new Comic canon as well as the cover art and interior art for the novels Weapon of a Jedi,  Moving Target, Smugglers Run and Before the Awakening.


As usual Noto hits a homerun on this book. The likeness between Poe-on-paper and Oscar Issac is uncanny. We see a hologram of Lor San Tekka, whose likeness to Max Von Sydow is perfect, and as for the older princess… I mean General Leia Organa, absolutely perfect.

From start to finish everything is clean and clear.  BB8’s personality and Playfulness is fantastic illustrated, and as a result all the characters and the situations they land themselves in are believable. 10/10 for the best Star Wars Artwork from Marvel to date.


The Feel

Charles Soule is the man writing this story. He also wrote Lando, which was absolutely fantastic. Poe is in safe hands here.


As mentioned this is 110% unfiltered fan service. It looks and feels like a natural extension of The Force Awakens. There are plenty of nods to the film, subtly executed. Including BB8’s thumbs up/middle finger(depending on how you saw it).  The writing is simple and allows the pace that one would expect from a Poe Dameron comic to flow uninterrupted.

What I found most impressive about the feel of this book is how Soule nailed every character. I read every line of Poe’s dialogue in Oscar Isaacs voice. Every beep from BB-8 was clear. I even recalled Snap Wexley’s tone when required. Testament to how good this book is,  and how deep Charles Soule understands these characters, their history,  and their current motivations.

The Force Awakens connected us to these characters, and now Soule is expanding that connection and solidifying them as if we have known them as long as Luke or Leia.

Ultimately, should you buy this comic? Yes. For 3.99 I don’t think you couldn’t make it possibly be let down.


If you don’t like the story, there is a super cute peanuts-esque strip at the end by Chris Eliopoulos. BB-8 plays cupid at the Resistance Base! Really nice touch guys

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