Review: Target Exclusive 12 inch Droid 3 Pack

BB-K8 found the droids she was looking for!

Disclaimer: This review is written by someone who may not be able to be objective when reviewing anything droid related…


So the other day I was aimlessly wandering the aisles of Target when something caught my eye. I had read reports of a Target exclusive 12-inch droid 3 pack but was dismayed when I saw no preorder option and subsequently forgot about the whole thing. Then I saw it. A whole shelf of them sitting right in front of me and I stopped dead in my tracks and internally freaked out. After collecting myself I headed home a very happy Queen of Droids.



This beautiful 3 pack of droids is a treasure and I’m going to tell you all about it! It consists of C-3PO, BB-8 and newcomer R0-4LO (more on him later). I am in love with the beautiful packaging. There’s a nice big cellophane window on the front that puts our droids front and center. The vivid graphics and retro feel hit all the right notes and make me want to keep the droids in their lovely packaging and NOT do what Gordon Tarpley did! (Despite his wanton disregard for packaging I highly recommend his Droid 3 Pack review as well as a host of other awesome stuff on his youtube page!)


So…let’s talk about the droids, shall we?



Goldenrod has been with us literally from the start in a galaxy far, far away. It’s easy to take him for granted because of this, but recently it seems like he’s had a resurgence. There’s last week’s Marvel one shot that told us the story of how he got that red arm. (Read my review of that here.) There’s the massively adorable Pop! mug featured in the 2nd Smuggler’s Bounty box. And of course a plethora of other merchandise released in the last 6 months or so to coincide with The Force Awakens. This figure of Threepio might be my favorite EVER! I love the look and feel. He’s a solid golden color with a happy medium between too shiny and too dull. And of course this figure showcases his red arm, even though it leaves him hardly recognizable!? The 10 inch height gives it room for details that smaller figures just can’t compete with. We see all the grooves, bolts and wires that make Threepio the iconic character we know. Several of the unboxing I watched commented on his limited articulation, but that doesn’t bother me too much because that seems like it fits the character pretty good.



Next up is the cutest little ball droid in the galaxy!  This BB-8 looks SO GOOD! The standard orange and white are spot on with a little bit of a weathered look added here and there. The details are perfect and it’s everything you could hope for with a little droid. This guy is about 4 inches and just a bit bigger than the Sphero BB-8. The head has some really cool articulation that swivels in a very cute, very movie accurate way. What’s really fun are the added panels and detachable arms. I can imagine that would be great fun if you were actually taking them out of the package. Honestly, I feel like I might have paid the same amount just for this BB-8 as I did for the entire package.



This last droid is a bit of quandary to me. The obvious choice would have been to go with fan favorite R2-D2. But instead, we get R2’s cone-headed cousin R0-4LO! Seriously, think R2’s body with a more conical head instead of the dome and black instead of blue and we have R0. We don’t know a whole lot about Ro except for the fact that he is part of the resistance and we see him very briefly in The Force Awakens. His black and white colors contrast nicely, but he’s probably a bit too pristine, especially compared to the weathered look of BB-8. He is about 7 inches tall and it appears that together all 3 droids are to scale. One common complaint I’ve been hearing about him is that he’s missing the 3rd leg. That would’ve been a nice detail, but I’m not too concerned about it not being there.

A cool fun fact I learned from Gordon’s video is that R0 was designed by Lee Towersy and Oliver Steeples and that’s where we get the LO in his name! These are the awesome dudes who are part of the R2-D2 Builder’s Club and actually got to help with the R2 unit for The Force Awakens! Apparently R0 was featured in the 4 pack Droid Factory Disney Exclusive as well. This makes me wonder if we’ll see more of this little droid in the future…


So in case you couldn’t tell, this droid 3 pack was a win for me! I would have preferred R2 or maybe ever R2-KT but R0 is growing on me. If you like droids, fun and awesome Star Wars figures you can’t go wrong with this set. I’d say this 3 pack for $29.99 is a smoking bargain and I highly recommend buying it if you see it at Target! I sense a great markup if you look for these guys on eBay.

I hope you enjoyed my review and as always, stay tuned to Blabba for more great Star Wars content!

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