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Learn a little bit about the rigid code followed by the Bounty Hunters...

In appreciation of #MandoMonday, I thought it would be appropriate that our first look into the most famous quotes and passages from Star Wars literature would be The Bounty Hunters Creed and the codes they live by.

All Bounty Hunters know their Creed, but only the real ones follow it. It was written by The Bounty Hunters Guild and states “Fail to follow any point of the creed and you won’t be one of us for long”. Incentive enough I think you’ll find? The Bounty Hunters Creed is made up of 6 tenets which primarily separate a Bounty Hunter from a Bodyguard or Mercenary among other specialised professions. The Guild also state that ” It draws authority not from outside institutions of law, but from us, its backers”.

The First Tenet:
People Don’t Have Bounties, Only Acquisitions Have Bounties.

Look at it this way, when an individual gets a price on their head, they’re no longer a person. That individual is merely an acquisition, hard merchandise, this is without doubt the biggest issue that moral crusaders fail to understand about hunters. They are not villains and do not post the bounty. The target did the bad stuff.

You’re not the target’s judge, or his conscience, or even his mother. You’re an angel of justice and will drag him in for what he did”.


The Second Tenet:
Capture By Design, Kill By Necessity. 

Wanted postings often state “Dead or Alive” and sometimes just Dead.  When the job gives you such flexibility, you can kill!. But.. If you kill outside of those parameters, you’re just an assassin. There are times when capture turns into kill, shootouts end badly or aquisitions choose suicide in favour of a Hutt prison. Bad outcomes these are, and they’re something that should always be avoided.

They make you look bad, and that makes us look bad”.



The Third Tenet:
No Hunter Shall Slay Another Hunter.

“If the Creed lowers bounty targets to the level of merchandise, it elevates bounty hunters to the status of professionals”. You try not to kill an acquisition, unless its part of your job. “You must not kill a hunter, no matter what”. Hunting is a competitive business, it must be spelled out again and again, using short words. There may be hundreds of independent bounty hunters working on the same job as you are, silencing them with a shot to their helmet could make things easier for you to nab the bounty clear and free. But.. you’re not going to do it. Even scrub hunters are hunters.

On the other hand:
“A hunter whose been drummed out of our fellowship by lodgement verdict is a hunter no more. On them, it’s open season”.


The Fourth Tenet:
No Hunter Shall Interfere With Another’s Hunt.

“If you thought the third tenet was tough to swallow, this one will really burn your gut”.

Its no mystery why its needed. Bounty Hunting is a careful art. It can take months of prep to locate a target’s hide-hole. A fellow hunter should not be dishonoured by kicking his cards over, for Edge’s sake. There is enough of that from chuff-sucking hunt saboteurs. (“Boba Fett doesn’t obey this one”-Greedo)


The Fifth Tenet:
In The Hunt, One Captures Or Kills, Never Both. 

None of that “killed while trying to escape stuff” stuff, said with a smirk and a wink, which the empire does so well. If you capture live, you deliver live. Hunters aren’t murderers. (“Bold words from a dead coward”-Boba)


The Sixth Tenet:
No Hunter Shall Refuse Aid To Another Hunter.

Written into the creed is that a hunter must help out a rival if asked, and any real hunter will honour that directive. Nobody expects your generosity to go unrewarded however, if asked to help another capture an Esoomian or other form of big bruiser, you can expect to take ten-40 percent of the bounty (depending how much work your new partner worked into the set up”. This above all else keeps things fair and profitable. But.. make sure you agree on the split before the takedown.

Well there you have it folks! Bounty Hunters are far from the chaotic and erratic shoot on site merchants they appear to be. They are a brotherhood built on trust, loyalty, respect mixed with cunning and intelligent tactics which aid them in above all else accomplishing their mission and collecting their bounty.

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Until Next Time,

May The Force Be With You.



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