There is Always a bit Truth in Legends

Could there be truth in Legends? Read on and decide yourself..

As many of us know, ‘there is always a bit of truth in legends’. The same is true in the case of the Canon in Star Wars, as stated by Ahsoka Tano in the mid-season 2 trailer for Star Wars Rebels.  The question remains though if Disney/LF were to resurrect legends lore, which Legends might they choose to be carried forth into the new Star Wars Canon.

Here are my top 3

  1. Mara Jade ?

In the second teaser for The Force Awakens, you can hear Luke stating: “The force is strong in my family. My father has it, I have it, my sister has it…You have that power too” – Suggesting that Rey is either his daughter or related to Luke which gives rise to the idea that Luke (being more of an unconventional Jedi than his predecessors given that fact that few were even alive at the time to be a guide) may have fallen in love with a woman (previously Mara Jade) and possibly with whom he had a child, who is possibly Rey.

According to Canon timeline, Luke was 23 at the Battle of Endor and Rey is born 11 Years after. In the Legends timeline, Mara Jade (a force adept) was 21 at the Battle of Endor. This would have them around the same age and well within the realms of possibility of a union, given that they marry in Legends and have a child, could there be an element of truth brought into the new Canon here?.

In SWTFA, it is said that Luke withdrew from the galaxy because all of his padawans at his Jedi academy were killed, potentially by the Kylo Ren & his Knights of Ren. In Legends, Mara Jade trained at the Jedi Academy, and in canon, it is not explained who the new padawans were nor how many of them were training under Luke. Perhaps it was a combination of the death of the new padawans and his wife Mara Jade that forced his self-imposed exile. When we finally meet Luke in SWTFA, it looks like he is looking at a tombstone, possibly of his wife (Mara Jade) as a memory of her on Ahch-To.

From looking at the lettering on the tombstone, it might be a trick of the light but it looks like there is lettering on the stone. The lettering seems to be LB which is interesting because the letter L is similar to the character in Aurebesh which is M in our alphabet, perhaps referring to Mara.

Just to iterate that this Mara Jade theory is in the realm of possible Legend to Canon. I would very much like to see her in the new Canon given her rich character history in the EU/Legends however none of it has been confirmed by any source. I would love to hear what you think about it? Do you think it is possible?

2. Grand Admiral Thrawn ?

The Thrawn trilogy was the first of the Star Wars novels that I read and ever since have always wanted to see it being realised in a film. The character of Grand Admiral Thrawn from his origins to his taking of the reign of the empire following the death of Palpatime would be very well placed the the current Star Wars canon. When the Empire lost Tarkin, Vader and the Emperor, there lacked the serious conviction of a stong leader for the empire, Enter Thrawn.

A master tactian, able to predict his enemy’s moves and the cold calculation of this Chiss character is defintiely one I would like to see brought back into the mix. According to Legends, already aware of Thrawn’s command skills, Palpatine approved his admission in the Empire. Over time, Thrawn climbed the Imperial ladder. Simultaneously, he pacified the Unknown believing that only a strong military government could protect the galaxy’s diverse species from annihilating each other.

Where would Thrawn fit, in the new timeline? The best place that I could see this character entering would be before episode IV, given that around 2 ABY, he became the thirteenth Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy. I would like to see him appearing in the Rebels series.

This Grand admiral Thrawn theory is based on a novel trilogy of Legends and I would like to see what they would do with this character in the new Canon. However none of it has been confirmed by any source. I would love to hear what you think about it? Do you think it is possible? Would you like to see a version on Thrawn played out in rebels or another new Canon series?

3. Galen Marek – Starkiller ?

Galen Marek, AKA Starkiller, first appeared in the games for The Force Unleashed, and is a character that I’d love to see back in Canon! From Starkiller’s story we learn that Vader is always looking for an opportunity to overthrow the Emperor, and take his place. As stated initially by Anakin in ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and then again as Darth Vader in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

“I am more powerful than the chancellor, I can over thrown him” – Anakin to Padme;

”Join me and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son” – Vader to Luke

This can also been seen in the novel – Dark Lords of the Sith, when he realizes that it was Palpatine who manipulated the whole clone wars event and as a result, his conversion to the dark side.

Galen Marek is a very powerful force wielder, and overall a strong character within the Legends galaxy. His exploits through the Force Unleashed games and short movies were very captivating through his use of both light and dark side force power. During these events, Vader wants to ensure that his apprentice is strong enough for them to take on the Emperor. As a result, Starkiller is tested many times against powerful Jedi & Sith, including Shaak ti, Rohm Kota, and even Vader himself.

Given the fact that his named Starkiller, it could be supposed that, along side the homage to ‘Luke Starkiller’  this could be one of the reasons for the naming of the Starkiller base in SWTFA given Kylo Ren’s love of ‘all things Vader’ – even previous apprentices.

As in Legends, the best place in the new timeline that you could see this character would be in the years leading up to episode IV-A New Hope, possibly in Rebels or even Rogue One…

Given the huge wealth of stories in the EU/Legends, there are countless ideas and disigns that they can draw on if they so choose for the new Canon. We have already seen some old concept work being revisted for new Canon for example – Zeb in Rebels is based on early McQuarrie Wookie concepts so there is no reason, we cant pull some truth from other Legends.

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