Top 5 Star Wars Moments of 2016

Top 5 Star Wars Moments of 2016

As we reach the end of another calendar year it’s only natural to pause and reflect on the events that made it memorable. In this new era of Star Wars every year so far has been memorable and exciting in its own way, but for me 2016 was especially exciting and filled with unforgettable events.

Of course this year has not been without its heartache and tragedy with the loss of Carrie Fisher, Kenny Baker and others. But for now, I’m going to focus on the positive. I am filled with gratitude for the amazing Star Wars memories I’ve had this year, so join me as I take a look back on my top five Star Wars moments of 2016.

5. Star Wars 10k at Disneyland (January)

img_8167In January I ran my first 10k. Not just any 10k, a Star Wars themed run. The whole weekend was amazing. I got to visit Disneyland for the first time in years and experience the awesome Star Wars upgrades. The race itself was also incredible. Being a rather un-athletic person, I was very proud of the training and determination that enabled me to finish the 10k and get my sweet X-Wing medal!

4. Star Wars Celebration Europe (July)


I was so stoked to attend my second Celebration in one of my favourite cities ever! Amazing panels, people, costumes and merch, and did I mention it was in London?! Seriously though, an incredible weekend made even more awesome by spending it with Team Blabba. But more on Team Blabba in a bit… 🙂

3. Rogue One (December)


You know it has to be a pretty amazing year for a movie like Rouge One to rank third on a list like this. It was a stellar film and  great start to the saga-less stories. While I enjoyed opening night immensely there are still 2 things that rank ahead of a seeing a new Star Wars movie so read on…

2. Team Blabba (All Year, but specifically in July when we all met)


Team Blabba really got its feet in 2016. The addition of talented team members, the ongoing podcast, a couple of live shows, exciting con coverage,  and fascinating interviews all added to an unforgettable year for Blabba. Then in July we all got to meet face to face in Dublin. The passion and talent of Team Blabba is clearly evident and it kind of felt like a family reunion.

1. Jedi Steps at Skellig Michael (July)


Everything I’ve listed so far normally would have been a perfectly viable choice for the top spot. But this was no normal year. The top spot goes to my Skellig Michael trip I took when I was in Ireland this summer. Epic is the only word I can describe this whole experience. I mean, how often do you get to take journey like this and actually experience an important and breathtaking cinematic location that’s so special for Star Wars fans. Also puffins. Need I say more…

So there you have it. My top five Star Wars moments of 2016. This year really has been a bittersweet roller coaster ride. As we look forward, I’m hopeful that 2017 has much to offer us as Star Wars fans.

May the Force Be With Us.

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