Truth in Legends Part 2- The Maw Installation

Has Star Wars Rebels opened the door to the Empires secret wrokshop?

Maw installation- Location: The Maw Star Cluster

In the Legends timeline, the Maw installation was a secret Imperial research base located in safe area within the Maw Star Cluster. It was in this base The World Devastators, the Sun Crusher and of course the Death Stars were developed. Grand Moff Tarkin and the Emperor were the only ones alive, outside of the installation, who knew it existed and what was developed there. We have picked apart a few potential clues to its re-inclusion in the new canon timeline.

Clue 1

A massive Star cluster was discovered in Star Wars Rebels (S2EP12) “Legends of the Lasat”. (Hera states that it is an imploded star cluster, biggest one she has ever seen)

Could this unnamed  star cluster be the Maw Cluster? In the episode, the imperials followed the rebels there and therefore have its location, it is possible that the locator beacon that Ohnaka installed in the comlink device that he had given to Ezra was still operational giving the Empire the flight path on how to get through the cluster.

Clue 2:

According to the Tarkin novel (which is Canon), the death star was under development at Geonosis but when the hyperdrive was installed, it was relocated to a yet undetermined location when it came under the complete control of the newly appointed Grand Moff Tarkin.

Where it was moved to, it was not explained. This could mean that they found a more secure and obscure location for this and other projects to be constructed in secret.  There is no indication yet as to other super weapons that they may be designing but my guess is that if they are, this is where it would be done.

The Maw Cluster location in Known galaxy

galaxy map

Below you have the Death Stars I & II and the prototype.

Could it be possible? As always, this is just a theory but as many legends seem to be moving into the Canon timeline, this could be a plausible possibility.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and may the force be with you!

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  • Hi Pepoluan,
    Thanks for your comment.
    This is a theory of mine given that you never get verification that the tracker is not operational. Or possibly the imperials track the entry point into the maw that the rebels take. What do you think? What do you think of the theory?

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