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Today something very interesting came across my Facebook feed, and I thought, given the excitement around Skellig Michael, you all might also be interested in it also.

Every now and then a post comes up from this particular person, and it fills me with a strange combination of inspiration and pure envy!

– Enter My 3rd year film production lecturer – Garret Daly. Little did I know in College that Garret was a passionate Star Wars fan.


11 years previous to becoming my tutor, in 1998, Garret shot his first documentary, ‘The Edge of Europe”, a film that explores the early inhabitants and the religious importance of Skellig Michael. At this point in time Garret was himself only starting his career, and blissfully unaware that he was on a trajectory that would take him right to an exclusive party in Los Angeles, held the week of the Academy Awards…. hosted by JJ Abrams himself. The event is known as the ‘Oscar Wildes’ and is held days before the Oscars, it celebrates the Irish in Hollywood, Steven Spielberg says “the wildest Oscars party you’ve never heard of!” – What do you expect when you put a heap of successful Irish people to one fancy party!

Garret and JJ Abrahms at the Oscar Wildes 2015

In an interesting turn of events, today Garret was asked if he could make ‘The Edge of Europe’ available online. The 1998 documentary will be distributed ahead of the 2016 Oscar Wildes party. So this post is for anyone who wants to learn the pre-Jedi history of the Island, the film also offers some spectacular views of the rock, now known to us as ‘Ahch-to’. You may also notice a stark parallel between Luke’s reclusive lifestyle at the end of The Force Awakens, and that of the islands previous inhabitants….

The Edge of Europe (1998) – Skellig Michael from Mixed Bag Media on Vimeo.

For more information Garret head to The Mixed Bag Media Website, and you can go say hello to @garretdaly on Twitter!

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