Star Wars Celebration Orlando: Artwork Revealed

Well Motherhutters,

The Road To Celebration is well and truly underway! This evening has brought us the first exclusive pieces of artwork that will be on sale throughout SWCO. Each piece is usually limited to 250 and are highly sought after. Let’s take a look at this years artists and their creations.

Some particular highlights include Searching The Stars by Adrianna Vanderstelt and a phenomenal Rogue One piece by Brian Rood. Check out the full gallery below:


Adrianna Vanderstelt- Searching The Stars

Alex Buechel

Brad Hudson

Brent Woodside

Brian DeGuire- Desert Palace

Brian Miller

Brian Rood

Chris Dee- Watchful Guardian

Chris Reiff

Chris Trevas- The Courier Intercepted

Cryssy Cheung

Danny Haas- I Am No Jedi

Drew Baker- Defiance

Erik Maell

Jake Murray- Scavenger Scrap

Jason Palmer- (Art Not Final)

Jason W. Christman- Bounty Hunters

Jeff Carlisle- (Artwork Not Final)

Jerry Vanderstelt- Arrival

Joe Corroney- I Rebel

Joe Hogan- Jango’s Finest

Joshua Smith

Katie Cook- Making Friends

Lee Kohse- Built On Hope

Lin Zy Busch

Malcolm Tween

Matt Busch

Randy Martinez

Russell Walks- For Carrie

Scott Harben- Dark Legacy

Stephen Hayford- That’s What Friends Are For

William O’Neill- For Luck



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    • Hey Steve,

      That’s awesome! I’ve actually picked up Brian Rood’s piece for myself. Would you have a top 3?

      As always, thanks for getting in touch.


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