Remaining Rebels Episode Titles Revealed


So, Jedi-Bibliothek reported that the remaining episode titles for Star Wars Rebels season 2 have been revealed! They give a possible insight to where this season is headed..

Episode 18 “Shroud Of Darkness” 3/2/2016

Episode 19 “The Forgotten Droid” 3/16/2016

Episode 20 “The Mystery Of Chopper Base” 3/23/2016

Episode 21 “Twilight Of The Apprentice Part 1” 3/30/2016

Episode 22 “Twilight Of The Apprentice Part 2” 3/30/2016

We especially like the sound of 21 & 22, does the ‘apprentice’ refer to Ahsoka? Presumably, or is it Ezra? Or both?

Whatever happens were excited!

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  • Twilight of the Apprentice I guess could mean the end of Asoka, or possibly the end of Ezra being an apprentice and moving up to being a Jedi. Unlikely considering how short a time Ezra has been training and how young he still is, but they have been showing him getting more and more confident in using his force skills this season.

    If it is the end of Ahsoka, then they better do it right, or else there will be a HUGE amount of Ahsoka fans pissed of with the show and the creators. She is very popular and he new adult character has been great.

    Either way I am keen for what ever they are going to give me 🙂

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